Terms and Conditions of GAIN

The Terms and Conditions set below shall be binding on the Giver and Recipient of GAIN:

  1. The product underlying the GAIN is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the Investment and Securities Act No 29 of 2007 and all other relevant Rules and Regulations covering the operations of Capital Market Operators.
  2. The identity of parties involved in GAIN (i.e. the Giver and Beneficiary) shall be verified by United Capital in line with relevant laws.
  3. Contemplated transactions will be subject to all relevant Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Regulations.
  4. The Giver hereby represents that the funds and source of such funds are legitimate and not directly or indirectly the proceeds of any unlawful activity.
  5. All payments due from United Capital under the transactions shall be paid to the named Beneficiary.
  6. The Gift purchased hereby shall be subject to an initial lock-in period of 90 days.
  7. The Beneficiary will receive monthly statement of accounts and at any time on request.
  8. The Minimum GAIN amount/value shall be N5,000.00
  9. GAIN can be done anonymously by a Giver provided that if the Beneficiary insists on knowing the identity of the Giver, United Capital will disclose same to the Beneficiary.
  10. The Giver agrees that He/She: